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Delivery Dates when ordering from the online store; 

** NOTE** We are no longer processing or bottling dairy products as of Sept 1, 2018. We are VERY thankful of your loyalty. There are protein products (meat and eggs) you can still purchase until our freezer inventory is emptied. Please check the schedule if any changes or time of day affect you. Thank-you! CP

December 5th: Calgary SE, SW Strathcona, NW Beacon Hill, (orders December 3rd)  

December 13th: (Thursday): Edmonton Westside (4pm-4:30pm) and South Common (5:30-6:15pm) (orders DUE December 10th)

December 19th: Calgary SE, SW Strathcona, NW Beacon Hill, (orders DUE December 17th) 



Hello and Welcome! We are Cornel and Cremona Primrose. Farming is our passion! High quality ethically raised farm food is our priority! Being we both were raise on farms, we both love farming! It's a blessing we can raise our children with us where we work just as our parents had. We have two daughters, Careese (9yo) and Ceaxna (6yo). Together we have over 40 years of farming experience including the 15 years we've been married. We are 3rd and 5th generation Canadian Farmers. Farming is in our blood! 

Our small family farm which started milking cows in February 2003. Cornel and I started receiving their first calves from Bayern Genetic (thru arrived in 2005. We have celebrated 12 years of absorption crossbreeding. We no longer milk any Holstein cows, only Fleckvieh purebreds and Fleckvieh crosses. 

In 2013 we began the diversity of other farm animals on the farm. Free Range Laying Hens for eggs were added, followed by pregnant sow mother pigs for Outdoor Pork and Pasture Raised Chicken in 2015. 

We are very proud of the farm food produced here. All our animals are born at our farm and raised with respect. 



We believe on Primrose Farms;

 - take care of the cow and she will take care of you 

 - happy cows = happy farmer = happy milk product produced

 - milk and meat produced here is GMO free (ALL our farm animals at Primrose Farms do no eat any GMO products)

- all farm animals (including pigs and chickens) need to experience the outdoors, sunshine and mud. 

 - healthy dairy cows get a comfortable life living on a compost bed pack while they are lactating. When the cows are dry (not lactating) they get to live two months of the year outdoors, summer time (pasture), winter time (outdoor corral) 

- milking cattle are feed high forage diets (low grain and/or concentrates) which ensures moderate milk production of a healthy long lasting cow. 

- Beef cattle are fed 90% grass/hay diet and hand fed grain once a day (10%). 

- We still name all of our cows for identification (not numbers) 

- Visitors are always WELCOME to come visit the dairy farm and animals (by appointment)

Delivery to Calgary Heritage SW and Calgary Marlborough NE on 11/1/2017

October 4th, 2017

Please have your orders made by the Monday prior to delivery day. Thank-you! Deliveries location; Calgary SW Heritage - 5:00-6:00 pm Calgary SE Marlborough - 7:00-8:

Delivery to SE 130AVE + SW Strathcona + NW Beacon Hill AND Airdrie on 10/25/2017

October 4th, 2017

Please have your orders made by the Monday prior to delivery day. Thank-you! Deliveries location; SE Calgary SE 130 AVE 2:30-4:00pm SW Calgary SW Strathcona 6:00-7:00pm NW Cal

Edmonton Delivery on 10/19/2017

October 4th, 2017

NorthGate 12:30-1:00pm Westside 3:00pm  SouthCommon 6:00-6:30pm


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